Soft Toy for Dog Skinneeez® Wildelife Plush Giraffe


Skinneeez® are created from the idea of love. The perfect toy for your furry pup. Suitable for all life stages.

  • 34cm
  • 51cm

Skinneeez® are your dog's super soft and flat best friends. With their long and limp body, they are easy for your dog to grasp, to hold and to carry along. Because the Skinneeez® cuddly toys are unfilled, your floor remains free of plush stuffing. In the head and tail of the Skinneeez® there is a nice surprise: when your dog plays with it, the Skinneeez® will squeek!

Did you know that Skinneeez® was originated from a production error? During production the factory had accidentally forgotten to fill the stuffed animals with plush, but this turned out to be a bull's eye: Skinneeez® became a great success with both dog and owner.

• Wildelife Collection: Wildlife animals

• Available in size Small (34cm) and Large (51cm)