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Complete Wet Food for Kitten MAC'S Chicken & Egg Pouch 100g

MAC's complete Chicken & Egg Kitten wet food consists of tender chicken meat refined with egg. This special recipe is grain-free and was designed as a complete and balanced food for growing kittens. Through careful preparation and the addition of vitamins and minerals, your kitten will have a natural diet.

Complete Dry Food for Kittens MAC'S Poultry Bag

MAC's Kitten Poultry offers your cat everything it needs for healthy growth. The grain-free complete food was developed to increase the well-being of your pet. MACs Kitten offers a balanced amino acid profile. Norwegian salmon oil is rich in omega fatty acids and ensures healthy skin and a shiny coat. Cranberries are natural acidifiers and can prevent bacterial bladder infections. Gentle preparation and the addition of vitamins and minerals ensure that your cat has a natural diet.