MiniOrycs Complete Food for Hamster & Gerbil


MiniOrycs Complete Food for Hamster & Gerbil

  • 600 g

Orycs Hamster & Gerbil is a food specially indicated for hamsters and gerbils of all ages. This delicious and complete food is enriched with vitamins. It has an optimal balance of fiber and fat for good health and fight obesity. In addition, it has a high protein content to maintain its high vitality. We incorporate a wide variety of selected plants, flowers, seeds and cereals that contribute to the supply of vitamins, trace elements and necessary nutritive substances. Plus, we added mealworms to make your feed even tastier. This food is based on the "all in one" where each pellet grain contains all the necessary nutrients for a good nutritional balance and thus avoid selection and waste of food.

Instructions for use:

Serve daily according to animal's weight. Always have fresh clean water available. Always have MiniOrycs hay also available.                                                                                                                           

Recommended daily allowance:

Dwarf Hamster* 5 - 10g /dia

Hamster & Gerbil* 8 - 16g /dia

* Animal with tendency to store food

Conservation Mode: Store at a temperature below 20 / 22ºC. Avoid contact with moisture and direct sunlight. Avoid damaging the side of the packaging.

Composition: White oat, barley, wheat bran, corn, corn gluten, wheat, extruded soybeans, toasted soybean meal, rapeseed cake, 4% peas, rapeseed meal, 3% Timothy hay, sunflower meal, extruded corn, wheat extruded, extruded barley, flaxseed 2%, apple pulp 2%, (seeds, plants and dehydrated flowers: green anise, birdseed, millet, panizo, thistle seed, quinoa seed, green tea, carrot, marigold flower, rosemary , burdock root) 2%, mealworms 1.5%, cane molasses, sorghum, fatty acids, vegetable oils.

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 17%, Crude fat 5,51%, Crude fiber 7,99%, Crude ash 7,29%, Calcium 0.70%, Phosphorus 0,50%.