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MiniOrycs Complete Food for Junior Rabbit


MiniOrycs Complete Food for Junior Rabbit

Pellets "All-in-One" to avoid selectivity and waste, with timothy hay and a wide variety of plants and flowers, making this food absolutely delicious. Enriched with vitamins and an excellent protein content, fundamental to an healthy development of rabbits at a young age.

Package 1.4kg.

The MiniOrycs Complete Food for Junior Rabbit, ideal for rabbits up to 6/8 months of age, is enriched with vitamins and has an excellent protein content, fundamental to an healthy development and growth of rabbits at a young age. The main ingredient, Timothy hay, contains beneficial fiber for healthy intestinal transit and high palatability, and also incorporates a wide variety of plants and flowers, which provide vitamins, oligoelements and necessary nutritional substances, based on the natural ingredients that small animals would find in their wild environment. Its "All-in-One" formula, forms a homogeneous mixture of pellets, in which each pellet contains all the necessary nutrients, ideal for a healthy and balanced diet avoiding selectivity and waste. Unlike other "mix" foods in which the animal ends up selecting only what it likes, not getting all the nutrients it really needs. A poor selection of ingredients can lead to the addition or shortage of food, culminating in the deterioration of the animal's health.

• Fiber: fiber is the main energy source that small animals find in nature, and for that reason, this complete food uses high percentage of natural fodder that is a source of high fiber content. Fiber contributes to the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system and prevents the formation of hairballs. Long fibers guarantee the natural and necessary wear of the teeth, which have a continuous growth throughout life.

• Good vitamin balance: the intake of a high percentage of the most varied vitamins is important for the vitality and immune system of the animal.

• Calcium: an adequate amount of calcium in the diet (0.5 - 1%) favors the correct growth of bones while young and maintenance in adulthood.

• Ecological Awareness: 60% of the packaging is of vegetable origin, made with cardboard extracted from forests with sustainable forest management, contributing to the reduction in CO2 emissions. Cylindrical cardboard packaging, with internal aluminum insulation. Plastic top cover and easy-to-open aluminum seal inside.

Instructions for use: Serve daily according to animal's weight. Always have fresh clean water available. Always have MiniOrycs hay also available.                                                             

Recommended daily allowance:

Net Weight: 1.4kg

How to use:

Weight Ration
< 500g 30g
500g - 1Kg 45g
1Kg - 1,5Kg 60g
> 1,5Kg 80g

Conservation Mode: Store at a temperature below 20 / 22ºC. Avoid contact with moisture and direct sunlight. Avoid damaging the side of the packaging.

Composition: Timothy hay 20%, dehydrated alfalfa, sunflower flour, wheat bran, straw, soy husks, barley, apple pulp, sugar cane molasses, dehydrated plants and flowers (dandelion, thyme, sea thistle, ribleaf, red clover) 1%, vegetable oil, linseed 0.5%, oregano extract 0.05%.

Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 14%, Crude fat 2.7%, Crude fiber 22%, Calcium 0.63%.