Cosy and comfortable dog bed LOUNGE

Cosy and comfortable dog bed LOUNGE

What would be nicer for your pet than curling up in this cosy and stylish bed for a quick or straightforward snooze? The LOUNGE is a cosy, comfy and stylish bed that offers your pet a perfect retreat for relaxation! It features a comfortable pillow inside for the perfect sleep.

Functional, comfortable & stylish

The LOUNGE offers functionality and comfort for your Dog as well as proving the ideal addition to any modern home with its elegance and simplicity. The LOUNGE is made in a circular design, which follows the natural contour of a pet’s curled-up sleeping position. It makes an ideal place for pets who love a cosy place to curl up and feel safe.  The handles on both sides make it simpler and easier to move the bed around your house. Don’t be worried about these beds fitting into your home either! The LOUNGE comes in three stylish colours and three different sizes to suit all Dogs and dogs out there.

Which size is suitable for my dog?

The LOUNGE is available in three different sizes. Size S (40 x 40 x 12 cm) is suitable for Yorkshire terrier, Chihuahua, Teckel and Pug. Size M (55 x 55 x 15 cm) cater for a Beagle or French Bulldog. Size L (70 x 70 x 18 cm) offers enough space for middle sized dog breeds like a Border Collie, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Australian Shepherd.