The little book of love... by Little Big Paw

The little book of love... by Little Big Paw

Your pet’s feeding doesn't have to be boring or tasteless! The Little Big Paw team has put all their efforts into creating something special, formulated with the knowledge of expert nutritionists. This something special is healthy and full of high-quality ingredients, such as herbs, vegetables and freshly prepared protein, and lastly (but not least) a pinch of passion and lots of love. And so Little Big Paw was born! Natural food, without artificial preservatives, colourants or flavourings, without soy, dairy, grain or wheat - just full on natural goodness!

Little BigPaw is available for the whole four legged family:

Wet cat food, in 85g packaging and six different flavors - that will leave them meowing for more!

Dry cat food, adapted to age and life stage, in packages of 400g or 1.5kg.

Wet food for adult dogs of any size, in 395g cans or packages and three different flavors.

Dog treats, oven baked and in three different flavors, ideal to pamper your best friend!

- And specially made for the little ones, wet food for small and miniature dogs, in terrines of 85g or 150g and in three different flavors, and dry food for small and miniature adult dogs, because small bellies need a small kibble!

At Little Big Paw we cooked the best nature has to offer, with a lot of passion and love, creating something naturally delicious for our best friends, which has become our only goal. For them to live happily ever after, it is important that they live healthy ever after!